I am so happy that you "clicked by" for a visit.  I hope you enjoy your time with us today and that you'll tell your friends about us.

     The work you see displayed in this Internet gallery is but a portion of the work I've had the joy to produce in over thirty years of painting and teaching.  It has been and continues to be a wonderful journey of embracing the beauty that is in our world and then recoding it on canvas.  I hope you'll discover, as your browse through the gallery, that each painting will stimulate your imagination to discover the story each painting depicts.    Actually, you may find yourself being led into various possible scenarios or story lines.

     You'll probably recognize that I don't attempt to follow latest trends, but rather follow my heart to produce a painting that surprisingly appeals to a wide range of tastes.  I tend to combine what I believe to be a wonderful mix of realism and impressionism, sometimes adding a touch of non-conformity.  It's what I enjoy doing, and sometimes even I am overjoyed by what ultimately appears on my canvas in finished form.

      It's a blessing that my paintings have found favor in many venues including the National Gallery of Beverly Hills, The Indian Room Gallery of Laguna Beach, and the Charles Hecht Gallery of Tarzana in California.  Also, I've had the priviledge of seeing my work published in Décor magazine.

     Now, may you enjoy the remainder of  your tour of
.  Thank you for stopping by.                           

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