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It has been our goal to provide you with an enjoyable visit to this web site to view the beautiful work by Pauline Ruddock of The Paintin’ Place Art Studio.  We have sought to provide well-sized images so that you easily can enjoy the masterful way in which color, composition and subject have been brought together to produce paintings of outstanding quality.

We do have one simple request.  We ask that you respect to the fullest the concept that this web site, including all text, images, and the design/layout, are the copyrighted property of Pauline Ruddock, The Paintin’ Place Art Studio, Encino, California.

In view of the above, all web site design elements fall with the provisions of new federal legislation known as the Millennium Digital Copyright Act (MDCA).  That legislation specifically prohibits the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, including but not limited to any material that is published on the Internet. Any breaches of MDCA constitute a felony.  Rather than mar your full enjoyment of any of the content of this web site by failing to honor the above-stated copyright, we invite you to write to us to request permission to use any of the image(s) or other portion of this web site.  Where possible, it is our desire to cooperate with you to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Thank you for your adherence to the above.

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If you should wish to create a hyperlink to The Paintin’ Place web site, we would like to hear from you. Please  to create such a link, and include the URL (web site address) of the site from which you wish to send your visitors to this web site. 

As we’re sure you will understand, we will need to review the content of the referring web site.  Once our review is complete, we will advise you of our decision; and, at that time provide the approved banner shown below along with associated HTML code to paste into your web site’s HTML code.  Please do not try to download images from this web site.

Approved Banner

Please review the following conditions for linking to this web site to be sure you can agree with our requirements:

    Anyone who wants to link to this site may use ONLY the approved banner from this site.
    We do not do "link exchanges" ("I'll link to your site if you link to mine."). If you want to link to this web site, we first would like to review your web site to make sure your content and ours are compatible, for obvious reasons.
    No text or images or any other resources from this web site may be used on your site, except the approved banner image described above. Establishing and developing this site represents a substantial investment of time, energy and other resources.
    All images, buttons, and other graphics, and the like on this site are custom designed, and not in the public domain. They are all © 2003-2013 Pauline Ruddock, The Paintin’ Place Art Studio.

We genuinely appreciate your interest, but must maintain the same policies for everyone, so that no one misunderstands, misuses or misappropriates the resources on this site. We make no exceptions.

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